Incentive Marketing

Our company creates marketing campaigns that provide high value incentives to prospects to encourage the prospect to take a particular action

That action may be to enter a trial for the product, puchase a product or join a company or just enter their information to subscribe to a Newsletter.

This marketing strategy is considered Incentive Marketing. The company behind the vacations and Hotel Certificates that we provide is Marketing Boost.

The information below represents one of the marketing campaigns that we are providing for Nexus Rewards.

REFER Your Friends To Nexus Rewards PROGRAM

The Ultimate Cash Back, Savings and Membership Club designed to help people make money ​on all the things they already buy.

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──── $30 When You spend $30 So Do They────

Enter to Win A 3-Night Vacation Gateway T0 LAS VEGAS or Choice of 30 Locations

How The Referral Offer Works


With Nexus Reward at this Page Click Here

You do not have to join at the Premium Level. Download the 3 Free Apps:

  • Rakuten
  • Upside
  • Fetch


When you join Nexus you will receive a link for each of the 3 Free APS. Just Let Your Friends know about these inflation fighting apps they can earn free money & free Gas. Send them your Link.


Rakuten will send you $30.00 when you spend $30.00 or more at any of the retail stores listed below. when you tell a friend and they spend $30.00 or more Rakuten will send your friend $30.00 and also send you $30.00

Shop at any of the 3500 Stores

3500 Retail Shops
Shop at 3500 Retail Stores Get $30 Cash Back

For Each Referral, your name is entered into our Las Vegas/30 Destination Travel Drawing. At the end of 2 weeks. Starting 9/11 until 9/25. At the end of that time, we will announce a 1, 2nd and 3rd place winner.

Winners who have more than 10 referrals will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing to win a Vacation Voucher to the Cabo San Lucas newest resorts see below.


  • Refer A Friend And Get Some Cash To Spend.
  • A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising.
  • The secret of marketing success is no secret at all: word of mouth is all that matters.
  • The best compliment you can give is a referral.

After 10 Invites Earn $50.00 Extra On Every Referral & Get Entered in the Grand Prize Vacation Drawing to Cabo San Lucas

After 10 Referrals Earn an Additional  $50
Excusive to This offer. Win a Trip to Cabo San Lucas!
5 Separate Resorts Available Your choice

If you entered this giveaway through our Giveaway form You Just Need to Join Nexus Rewards from the link at the top. this page is to further explain and showcase the giveaway locations.

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